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Exterminator in Your Area and the surrounding area.

Woke up to a swarm of roaches in the kitchen & bathroom. Pests Controls connected me to a local exterminator who came out the same day. They treated the house and perimeter to prevent them from coming back. Excellent service!!

Erika G. () dp

One visit and they killed all of the rodents in our attic, thank god. Those noises were driving me insane!!

Tina N. () dp

Quick response to our call, really friendly gal helped us out over the phone and set us an appointment for first thing in the morning. Honest guys with reasonable pricing.

Matt F. () dp

Pestscontrols connected me with the best exterminator in my area. I was immediately connected with a local extermination expert that came out the next day and solved our rat problem! They even gave us tips on how to prevent them from returning.

Barbra T. () dp